MOBILedit! is software that brings the ability to control the phone from your PC.After connecting the phone via cable, IrDA or Bluetooth, view the contents ofthe phone on the PC, do full-text searches, dial numbers, send SMS or MMSmessages. With a simple click, backup all your data, copy them to different

mobile phones and manipulate your contacts without even touching the phone.When you receive a message, it arrives on your PC in a similar way as an
email; simply reply to it or move it to the archive. You will become much moreproductive as a result.

MOBILedit! has two breakthrough features never before seen in the mobile world.The mBoox and Shopping List functions will add fun to your daily routine and make your life more efficient than ever before. With the mBoox technology, you can read documents in your phone, including pictures, in one scrollable formatted file. Copy online articles, driving directions, lecture notes, ebooks, study material, guides, jokes, contracts, or any text documents to your phone and read them on the go. The Shopping List allows you to write lists of any kind into MOBILedit! and send them to your phone to be stored. Not just for shopping-create to-do lists, homework lists, personal goal lists,workout routines, and many more. Forget about the crumpled paper list in your pocket or the chance of leaving it at home. Click to items you have completed and they will cross out. No need to have a pen with you.

New phones
Motorola W510 Nokia 6060 Samsung SGH-S730i Samsung SGH-Z320i
Motorola V525M Nokia E61i Samsung SGH-S401i Samsung SGH-Z560
Motorola V1100 Samsung SGH-E340 Samsung SGH-S720i Samsung SGH-Z560V
Sony Ericsson T650i Samsung SGH-E760 Samsung SGH-S400i Samsung SGH-Z720
Nokia 3110 Classic Samsung SGH-E780 Samsung SGH-X700

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